3 Reasons Why Your Company Shouldn't Replace Its Stone Flooring

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3 Reasons Why Your Company Shouldn't Replace Its Stone Flooring

27 March 2017
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Are you the owner or manager of a store or other business that gets a lot of traffic? Do you have stone floors, such as marble, that look like they've seen better days? Although you might be tempted to simply tear up your existing flooring in order to put in something new, that might not be necessary. Instead, you should consider having the floor refinished. Refinishing and resurfacing a stone floor has many advantages over installing a new one. Some of these advantages include:

Less inconvenience: If you have your company's flooring completely replaced, you'd have to close off a substantial portion of the business while the old floor gets torn up and the new floor is put in. While you may not have to close up everything, it may be enough to make your clients or customers feel like you're totally closed. With stone resurfacing, you can keep the closed-off portion to a minimum. For a store, this may be just one or two aisles at once instead of almost half the store. As a result, people will still be able to shop and find most of what they want rather than having to go elsewhere to get what they need.

Save time: Tearing up old tile flooring to replace it with new flooring can take a long time, especially if everything must be done in sections. Each section could take several days to remove and then several more days to reinstall and cure properly. This could result in being "under construction" for several weeks, potentially resulting in a substantial loss of customers and revenue. In contrast, stone resurfacing is relatively quick. Completing one section may only take a few hours, rather than a few days, meaning that the entire business could be completed in less than a week depending on the total area that needs to be resurfaced.

Save money: When replacing a floor, all of the old tiles need to be torn up. This includes both the worn-out ones and the ones that are still in good condition. Obviously, this means having to pay your employees to move merchandise around so that the floor can be worked on. It also means that tiles in good condition may be thrown away. But with stone resurfacing, the dirty or damaged tiles can often be cleaned and resurfaced while the remainder of the tiles will be more or less left alone. As a result, your total costs will be significantly lower than if you were to put in a new floor.

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