Six Things You Can Do To Have Clean Laundry While Traveling

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Six Things You Can Do To Have Clean Laundry While Traveling

29 March 2017
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If you have an extended vacation or long business trip coming up, you may wonder how you're going to manage to keep yourself properly clothed the whole time. It's always more convenient to travel when you've packed light, but for a long trip it can be hard to get all the clothing you'll need in your bags.

You may need to clean some of your laundry yourself while you're traveling. If so, the following five tips will come in handy:

Pack a mesh or washable laundry bag with you

If you find an opportunity to do laundry at a coin laundry or in a hotel laundry, it will help you a lot if you have a bag you can put dirty laundry in and throw in the washer along with your laundry. Packing a mesh or washable laundry bag won't take up much room in your luggage, but it will make getting your laundry done much easier. 

Bring a clothesline along

It might be difficult to locate a laundromat with both washers and dryers while you're traveling. You may need to do some laundry by hand in your hotel room sink.

You can make hand washing much easier if you bring a clotheslines along so that you can hang your clothing up to dry in your hotel room after you've finished washing. 

Pack a stopper so that you can fill up your hotel room sink with water

If you do have to hand wash laundry in your hotel room, having a sink stopper will make things much easier. This way, you know that you'll be able to effectively stop up your sink to get the wash done and even allow your laundry to soak for a time if necessary. 

Check for laundry facilities beforehand when you're booking your hotels

If you're going on a particularly long trip, it's a good idea to look out for a hotel with laundry facilities. If you'll be making several stops during your trip, look for a hotel with laundry facilities for a stop you'll be making about halfway through your voyage so you'll be able to attend to your dirty laundry and prepare for the last half of your trip. 

Try to pack durable clothes that dry quickly and are versatile when possible

Hand washing clothing is easier if you choose garments that are durable and don't stain very easily. Look for garments that will dry quickly and will easily be cleansed of stains and any debris. Also, try to pack versatile, multipurpose garments that can be used for a wide variety of social and professional engagements to prevent yourself from running out of appropriate clothing options during your trip. 

If you don't want to hand wash your clothes, you can also always find a local laundry service, such as Crown Cleaners, in the area you're traveling.