Schedule An Emergency Visit From Your Janitorial Service In These Situations

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Schedule An Emergency Visit From Your Janitorial Service In These Situations

26 April 2017
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When you run a business, you likely hire janitorial services in your area to help you with things around the office or warehouse. For larger businesses, these visits may come nightly; for smaller businesses, one or two visits a week may suffice. There can be times, however, that you'll want to call your service and arrange an emergency visit. In other words, you'll ask the service to send a cleaning crew to your location as quickly as possible to take care of a mess that has just occurred. Here are some situations that might compel you to take this action.

A Workplace Injury

Ideally, you'll never have to deal with serious injuries in your place of work. However, if an employee is hurt, you need to take care of the mess. While first responders can provide care for the employee, you should think about getting your cleaning service on the scene as quickly as possible, too. For example, if the injured person cut himself or herself, the scene may be messy. You don't want employees to have to look at a disturbing scene for long — and you certainly don't want customers seeing evidence of the injury. A cleaning crew can ideally arrive at your location quickly and take care of the mess in a professional manner.

A Bathroom Problem

A clogged toilet or sink in one of your bathrooms can quickly leave a major mess. Although spilled sink water might pale in comparison to an overflowed toilet, both problems need to be addressed promptly. An emergency visit from your professional cleaning service will take care of the problem. The cleaners can soak up the water and dispose of it in a nearby storm drain, disinfect any areas that may be contaminated from human waste, and put up signs warning people that the floor may be slippery in the area.


Vandalism should also be dealt with promptly. A business that has been vandalized, whether it's been spray painted or had some windows broken, doesn't look cared for. Would-be customers may seek out one of your competitors if they see visible vandalism when they arrive at your location. In the case of a broken window, your cleaning crew will sweep up any glass shards to ensure the area is tidy and safe; at the same time, you can call a glass replacement service to schedule a visit as quickly as possible. With spray paint, the crew can use high-pressure washers to wash the paint away.