Dirty Carpets Can Actually Impact Your Health

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Dirty Carpets Can Actually Impact Your Health

8 May 2017
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This spring, make sure that you set aside some time to deep clean your carpets. It is a good idea to steam clean your carpets yourself or have a professional carpet cleaning company deep clean your carpets for you at least once a year, especially the high trafficked areas. Cleaning your carpets thoroughly is vitally important because dirty carpets can actually impact your health. Here are two ways that having dirty carpets could potentially impact your health.

#1 Pollutants

One of the biggest ways that dirty carpets can impact your health is through pollutants. Pollutants love to cling to the fibers of your carpets and become trapped deep within the fibers and weave of your carpet. There are all types of pollutants that can become trapped in your carpet, ranging from simple dust to pet and animal dander to dead insect parts. Even more alarming, dangerous chemicals can also get tracked into your home and ground into the fibers.

All of these pollutants can get ground into your carpet over time and may not get picked up by your vacuum cleaner. Having these types of pollutants present can aggravate common health issues such as asthma and allergies, and can be troublesome for someone with auto immune disorders.

#2 Mold

The second way that your carpets can become dirty and contaminated is through mold. You may not see the mold on your carpet, but that does not mean that the mold isn't there. Mold can be very small and not even present to the eye when it starts to take root. Mold is often not spotted until it starts to flower and creates the structures that most people associate with mold.

Carpet can actually present the ideal conditions for mold to grow. The underside of your carpet is nice and dark, and your house keeps your carpet warm. When you walk inside with wet feet, or things get spilled on your carpets, your carpets can also become moist, creating the ideal conditions for mold growth.

Mold can have numerous serious consequences on your health. For individuals with asthma, allergies and auto-immune disorders, mold can further compromise their health. Long-term exposure to toxic molds can also create health issues in otherwise perfectly healthy individuals.

If you want to avoid the potential negative side effects that come with dirty carpets, you are going to want to make sure that you have your carpets professional deep-cleaned at least once a year to get rid of the pollutants and potential mold that are lurking beyond where you can see inside of your carpet.