How To Clean A Chenille Sofa

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How To Clean A Chenille Sofa

28 July 2017
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 If you have a dirty chenille sofa, you can clean it yourself, but since it is delicate, you must use caution to avoid damage. Chenille fabric is made from rayon, silk, wool, or cotton, or  mixture of the materials. Chenille sofas commonly last a long time in spite of their delicate nature. Follow this guide to clean your chenille sofa.

Prepare to Clean the Sofa

You need the following materials to clean the sofa:

  • sofa brush or baby hair brush
  • bowl
  • white microfiber cloths
  • mild dye-free liquid dish soap
  • vacuum and upholstery attachment
  • box fan or hair dryer
  • solvent-based cleaner or gentle liquid laundry detergent

Solvent-based cleaners and spot treatment are suggested for chenille sofas, but read the label. If the tag reads a "W" on the tag, it can be treated with mild liquid dish soap or liquid laundry detergent.

An "SW" label means either water-based or solvent-based methods can be used for cleaning. Check the label of the product to ensure it is suitable for chenille, and test for reaction on a hidden area of the sofa. 

Brush and Vacuum the Fabric

Brush the fabric with a sofa brush or baby brush to remove loose dirt from cushions and arms, brushing in the direction of the sofa nap. If an area is very dirty, work in a back and forth movement for about a minute.

Go over the sofa with the vacuum on the lowest setting. Brush and vacuum the sofa weekly to prevent dirt from getting embedded in the fabric.

Spot Treat Stains

To spot treat stains on "W' fabric, mix several drops of dish soap or laundry soap in a bowl of cool water. Dab a microfiber cloth in the mixture, and blot the stain until it disappears. Don't rub chenille, or ti will damage the fabric.

Don't use a dark-colored cloth, since the dye from the cloth can transfer to the fabric. Remove the cleaner with a clean cloth moistened with cool water, and let the stain area dry.

Treat "S" fabric stains using a solvent-based cleaner, which come in sprays or foams sold in the laundry section of department stores or grocery stores. Mist a fresh cloth with the fabric cleaner, and dab it on the stain until it has been removed, then rinse the same as for "W" fabric. 

Use soap or solvent-cleaner for "SW" fabric, but start with solvent-based cleaners to avoid excess moisture. Speed up drying with a hair dryer or box fan. 

Clean spills as soon as you notice them. If the sofa won't come clean, or it has an "X" label, contact a professional cleaning service. 

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