Benefits Of Daily Office Cleaning During Cold And Flu Season

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Benefits Of Daily Office Cleaning During Cold And Flu Season

12 July 2018
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During cold and flu season, you will have many employees walking around with these bugs in their systems. By the time any of them begin feeling sick, they have already reached the contagious phase and everything they touched is infected with the germs or virus. You need daily office cleaning at this point. There are several benefits to having the entire office cleaned daily.

Reducing the Number of People Who Call in Sick Every Day

During cold and flu season, an entire floor of people could call in sick. That leaves a skeleton crew to conduct daily business, which is a major hassle for those not yet showing symptoms.

If anyone left is going to be sick, it is because they touched something or came into contact with the germs/virus of one of the people already out sick. If you are taking steps to prevent more people from becoming ill, and the cleaning crew is cleaning and wiping down everything every day, the skeleton crew you have left should not (hopefully!) get sick.

Maintaining Higher Standards of Health and Well-Being for Employees

OSHA requires that places of business maintain a very clean environment for employees to prevent ongoing illness. The expected standards there are good, but cleaning and sanitizing everything from break room coffee pots to bathroom toilet seats every day is a much higher standard. It is a monumental effort, but at least you know that any employee that comes down with the flu or a cold probably did not contract it in the office that was scrubbed and sanitized from top to bottom daily.

Controlling the Number of New Colds and Flu Outbreaks in the Office

Just when you think you have sickness under control in the building, a new outbreak begins. If everything in the office was cleaned and sanitized daily, there is a significantly lower risk of a follow-up outbreak of the flu or colds. Daily cleaning controls what happens next because your cleaning service is actively working to kill any new viruses and/or germs.

Avoiding the Reintroduction of Sickness

While complete office cleanings daily can help with destroying illness in the workplace, it is also important to remind your employees to stay home when they are ill.  Some people will get the flu or a cold, pop some over-the-counter medication and just come into work anyway. At this point, while the cleaning service is madly cleaning to help reduce and kill the germs and viruses, sick employees have to stay home.

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