How To Salvage Cloth Furniture From A Flooded Basement

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How To Salvage Cloth Furniture From A Flooded Basement

21 August 2018
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Most people will tell you that furniture in a flooded basement is not worth saving. Actually, that is only partially true, and only under specific circumstances. If your basement has recently flooded, and you have wet furniture that you would like to salvage, call a water damage restoration company. They will send out one or two technicians to check out this furniture and see if they can save it. Then the following will happen.

Yes, It Can Be Saved

Your furniture is deemed "savable" when NO sewage is involved with the flooding. If there was any backup of raw sewage into the basement, everything has to be tossed because of the numerous health problems associated with raw sewage. No sewage involved means that your furniture can be cleaned, dried, and restored.

Remove from the Basement

If you hire the water restoration company, the next step is to remove the furniture from the basement. Set it outside. If it is going to rain on the day that the water damage crew is scheduled to arrive, put the furniture in the garage, or cover it all with tarps to keep the rain off of it.

Sucking the Remaining Water and Moisture Out

The next step is to remove all remaining excess water from the furniture. The crew will use special wet vacuums to suck out the water. The furniture will only be mildly damp at this point. Cleaning is next.

Cleaning the Furniture

Next, the crew will use steam cleaners and special detergents that destroy odors, mildew, and water stains. Cushions should be taken to a laundromat while the crew cleans the furniture. After they have cleaned all of the foam, stuffed areas, and cloth, a special heat instrument is applied to kill any remaining mold spores that may have started to grow but were missed by the disinfection process. The extreme heat also helps dry the furniture faster so that it is ready to sit on again in just an hour or two. 

Store the Furniture Until the Basement Is Cleaned

Finally, while the furniture finishes drying, the basement has to be cleaned and cleared. If the water has successfully receded or been pumped out, the crew can complete this work in a day or two. Store the restored furniture someplace dry and safe while the crew works on the basement. Then you can put the furniture back in the basement again.