How Can A Water Damage Restoration Service Help You Deal With Flooding?

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How Can A Water Damage Restoration Service Help You Deal With Flooding?

12 August 2020
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Water damage can occur when you least expect it. A burst or leaking pipe can cause water damage. Heavy rain or flooding can also cause water damage, as can an overflowing water fixture. Whenever water damage occurs, you must have it treated as soon as possible. Allowing water to stand for extended periods of time can lead to mold and other unwanted consequences. A water restoration service can help you deal with flooding in the following ways:

1. Document the damage.

Whenever residential damage occurs, it's important that you document it. Your insurance company will need pictures of the damage as proof for your insurance claim. When water damage occurs, time is of the essence. To save time and facilitate quick water removal, the professionals from a water damage restoration service can document the initial state of your home. Using a combination of photographs and written reports, professionals will make sure you can provide an accurate assessment for your insurance provider.

2. Remove excess water.

Standing water is a major cause for concern. Standing flood water can attract insects and allow bacteria to proliferate, along with unwanted odors. A water restoration service will remove excess water from your home. Using powerful vacuums designed for wet use, specialists will lift water from various parts of your home so it can be disposed of safely. Additional methods of water removal, such as water pumping, may be used as well.

3. Deodorize and sanitize your home.

Flood water can carry many pollutants and contaminants. If a ruptured sewer line causes your water damage, wastewater may enter your home. Fortunately, a water damage restoration team can clean your house of bacteria. Using disinfectants and antimicrobial solutions, cleaning specialists will cleanse your house of bacteria. If your home carries foul odors due to flooding, air scrubbers can be used to clean the air as well. Your safety and health is the primary concern of a water damage restoration company.

4. Use powerful dehumidifiers.

Moisture can linger in the air, even after the water has been removed from your house. Humid air makes it harder for water to evaporate since there is nowhere for excess water to go when the air is already saturated. A water damage restoration company will use powerful dehumidifiers to dry the air in your home. Dehumidification will encourage evaporation, which will allow your home to fully dry, reducing the likelihood that mold will develop.

If your home has been recently flooded, seek help immediately from a water restoration expert. You'll be glad you did!