Why Carpet On Your Stairs Requires Much More Attention

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Why Carpet On Your Stairs Requires Much More Attention

25 November 2020
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Carpet is one of the most popular forms of flooring around the world, but it does come with a few of its own challenges. It is particularly popular when used on stairs because it is very easy to get the right measurement and pull it tightly, rather than other materials that require precise cuts and measurements such as timber or tile. However, carpet on stairs comes wears down a lot quicker than carpet anywhere else, which is why you need to keep a close eye on it. Here are three warning signs you need to look for that if you see, you need to call for carpet stair repair as soon as possible.

Thin On The Corner

Most people tend to stand on the very edge of the steps as they walk up or down them, and this leads to the carpet on the edge of the step wearing down much faster than other areas. If it wears down too much, it is likely to begin losing its structural stability and can lead to a split or cut in the middle. This can happen quite quickly, but you never know when it will start, which is why you should always treat thinning carpet on your stairs with utmost urgency. Carpet stair repair contractors can do spot fixes on the edge of your stairs in no time.

Loosening Of The Carpet

Carpet is often fastened to the underside of stairs so that tightly follows the outline of your stairs and looks as form-fitting as possible. If these staples or screws come out, then it will look like your carpet is sagging on your stairs, which is a very ugly look indeed. This also creates a chain reaction, so if one area gets loose then it is far more likely that others will as well. Carpet stair repair is needed to re-secure the carpet to the underside and make sure it does not flap around.


While stains are not as structurally important as perhaps the other two examples, they are virtually impossible to hide on your stairs and therefore need to be dealt with quicker than other places you might stain. Most visitors will walk up and down your stairs, so having a large, uncovered stain is no way to create a good impression. You also do not have a lot of room to work with to clean them, which is why you should call in the experts of carpet stair repairs to get your stairs looking as good as new!