3 Indicators Your House Has Hidden Mold

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3 Indicators Your House Has Hidden Mold

30 September 2021
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Mold is one of the most common living organisms in buildings and homes across the world. Mold thrives where there is organic matter and moisture, and it can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. According to the CDC, mold can cause throat irritation, red eyes, stuffy nose, and coughing. In addition, people with some types of respiratory illnesses and allergies are more vulnerable to the effects of mold. For these reasons, it's crucial that you seek mold removal services if you suspect mold in your home. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to know if there is mold lurking in your home. Below are three indicators to look out for. 

1. You notice mold spores in certain parts of your home

An easy way to establish if mold is hiding in your home is if you can see it. However, if mold is noticeable, then the problem may be worse than you think. Note that simply cleaning the visible mold spores with soapy water and a rug won't eliminate your problem. Instead, you should contact a residential mold removal company to help you remove the mold from your home permanently. This will also include fixing the issue that may have caused mold growth in the first place. 

2. Your eyes are stinging, and they feel watery

The presence of mold in your home can cause some allergic reactions. In many cases, these symptoms can include itchy and watery eyes. If these symptoms have just appeared, and you suspect that mold is hiding in your home, you should first track your allergic reactions for a week or two before seeking mold removal services. You can track your reactions by observing whether they're triggered when you get in certain rooms in your home. Alternatively, you can visit an allergist for a test to confirm whether mold is causing these symptoms. 

3. You've been getting migraines frequently

Various underlying health issues can cause migraines, and it can be challenging to determine their exact cause. Poor posture, diet, and even anxiety can also cause migraines. However, if your headaches occur more often when you're home, mold infestation could be the cause. Therefore, you should seek the services of a mold removal expert on time. 

If you notice the indicators highlighted above, then most likely, mold is hiding in your home. Your next step should be to reach out to a local residential mold removal professional to help you remove the mold.