Tips For Cleaning And Caring For Wool Carpet

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Tips For Cleaning And Caring For Wool Carpet

27 March 2023
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Wool carpet has been making a real comeback recently. People are increasingly turning to it because it is a natural material. It feels nice underfoot and does a good job of resisting stains. If you recently had wool carpet installed in one or more of your rooms, then it's a good idea to learn about proper care and cleaning approaches for wool carpet. Here are the basic tips to follow.

Don't use a carpet shampooer; have it cleaned.

Carpet shampooers provide a convenient and affordable way to clean carpets without having to rely on professionals. However, they are not well suited to wool carpets. They tend to leave too much water behind, which can cause the wool carpet to shrink. They may not regulate the temperature well, either, and getting a wool carpet too warm or cool can contribute to shrinkage as well. When your carpet needs cleaning, you really should call in a pro. Most have specialized equipment they can use to clean wool carpets, or they are able to calibrate their ordinary equipment to extract more water and clean at a more ideal temperature. Professional equipment has powerful suction and will leave a wool carpet almost dry, greatly reducing your risk of shrinkage.

Keep a wool-friendly stain remover on hand.

Wool is a little bit water resistant thanks to its lanolin content. This means that if you spill some liquid on it, the liquid will bead up on top of the wool fibers instead of soaking into them. However, you still need to clean up a stain as quickly as you can, and it's important to use the right cleaners when you do so. Cleaners and stain removers made for nylon carpets may degrade the wool fibers or pull natural coloring out of the wool. So, shop for a wool-specific stain remover and keep it on hand in case of spills.

Take steps to reduce the need for cleaning. 

While periodic, professional cleaning is important to keep wool carpets in good shape, you don't want to have to clean a wool carpet too often. Frequent shampooing can contribute to shrinkage and cause the fibers to fray. You should take preventative measures to keep the carpet from getting too dirty in the first place. Take your shoes off before walking on the carpet. Don't eat over the carpet. And vacuum a few times a week to keep buildup down.

The tips above will go a long way towards keeping your wool carpet clean and in good condition. For more information, contact a company like Eastern Iowa Carpet Care.