Know Your Options For Professional Carpet Cleaning

When I married my sweet spouse nearly twelve years ago, I moved into a new home with him. While I was excited to be living with my husband for the first time, I was disappointed at how much cleaning my new place needed. Have you recently purchased your dream home? Before you unpack your boxes, consider hiring a reputable cleaning service. The experienced technicians at this type of service can make your new home sparkly clean. They can mop floors, wash windows, scrub commodes, and clean appliances. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a cleaning service before moving into a new place. Enjoy!

Know Your Options For Professional Carpet Cleaning

17 April 2023
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Has the carpet in your home seen better days, and you're now interested in having the carpeting professionally cleaned? If so, know that there are several carpet cleaning options that you can use to get the job done. Here is what you need to know about each method so you can pick the best one for your home.

Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning method involves spraying steam and hot water into the carpet fibers, which is then sucked up with all of the dirt and debris that is broken down. This method removes odors and stains and even kills bacteria and allergens that are within the carpet fibers. It's incredibly effective, which is why it is such a popular choice for cleaning carpeting.

Dry Cleaning

The dry cleaning method is best for carpeting that will not handle all of the moisture from steam cleaning. It involves placing a cleaning solution on the carpet that breaks down the dirt and grime, and the cleaning solution is sucked out of the carpeting with a vacuum. It's not as effective as steam cleaning, but it is more affordable and fast. 

Shampoo Cleaning

What's unique about the shampoo cleaning method is that it involves scrubbing shampoo into the carpet fibers. The shampoo is what breaks down all the stains and dirt in the carpeting, and can even give the carpet a fresh smell. Some people do not like the shampoo method because it can leave a residue on the carpet fibers, which can actually cause the carpet to attract dirt. It's best to have this cleaning method done by a professional to ensure that all the residue is removed from the carpeting.

Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet cleaning method uses an absorbent pad that spins and essentially scrubs the surface of the carpet fibers. The pad will help absorb all of the dirt and debris in the carpet fibers and is replaced when the pad is too dirty and becomes ineffective. Much like with dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning is best for carpeting that cannot handle a lot of moisture. 

Encapsulation Cleaning 

The most unique form of carpet cleaning is the encapsulation method. It works by applying a cleaning solution to the carpet that will dry and form a powder. That powder will encapsulate the dirt and debris within the carpet fibers and is then removed with a vacuum. What's great about the encapsulation method is that it won't leave your carpeting wet afterward, so you can walk on it soon after. 

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