How To Ensure A Successful Estate Sale

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How To Ensure A Successful Estate Sale

27 February 2019
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When someone you love passes away and leaves you their estate, you are then tasked with the burden of getting rid of anything you do not want or need. Many people choose to do this through an estate sale. If you're going to take the time to organize an estate sale, however, you want to make sure it's a success. Here are some tips to make sure you attract a big crowd and sell as much as possible -- while also earning as much as possible.

1. Have the home cleaned first.

Posting pictures of the estate and the items inside is a good way to market the sale, but if those images show a dirty and disorganized abode, people won't want to come. Hire a professional cleaning company to come clean and tidy the home before the sale, and before you even take pictures of the home. They can ensure the surfaces are free from dust, make sure the home does not have a nasty scent, and clean any stains from carpet. 

2. Hire estate sale professionals.

While you could list and sell everything yourself, this is incredibly time-consuming. Instead, hire an estate sale company. They will know how to price things so that you get the best deal. They will also know which items are most in-demand and should be emphasized in any marketing materials. Estate sale professionals will even bring a few assistants on the day of the sale, and these people can help "check out" buyers and keep everything flowing smoothly.

3. Don't throw too much away.

You might be tempted to go through the house and toss all the garbage before the estate sale team comes in. But what you think is garbage could actually be valuable. Things like old tins and bottles can sell for more than you'd imagine. Sure, you can throw away things like used paper towels and yesterday's newspaper, but leave other items in place until the estate sale professionals have had a chance to go through the home.

4. Figure out who will handle the extras.

When you hire an estate sale professional, you get to decide what happens to the items that don't sell. You can keep them and try to sell them after the fact, or you can sell them to the estate sale company at a low price and let them handle these items. In most cases, the second option is better since it saves you time while allowing you to still earn a little money.

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